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Last week Pam over at Gingerbread Snowflakes dropped a little note to let me know that she had posted the pdf pattern to her lovely Haarlem canal houses embroidered table runner, which I shared with you all around Chanukah time here.

In her note she told me about such a sweet surprise: she added a few details inspired by little me and a few others! I have to say I was so very touched by her amazing idea to include in her project these personal details, inspired by relationships across the seas with other bloggers, and that I was included in two places, nonetheless!

Embroidery Dutch Canal Houses close up

The Chanukah menorah on the second floor was inspired by the fact that I posted her project on my blog as as a Chanukah project, and the orchid on the lower right was inspired by my actual photos and accounts of adventures in The Netherlands, and the fact that orchids in the front window are seen everywhere.

Sweet right? And now, I sure would love to start an embroidery project myself, as it seems like such a perfect little take along project, and because of it's small scale, I don't think I'd get obsessed with finishing it? Time will tell, hopefully!

Whoops, almost forgot, the pdf pattern for this embroidery project can be found here. Use it all or even just a little piece and create something personal and fabulous!


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